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Haitian Black Castor Oil


– 4 Ounces Bottle of 100% Pure Haitian Black Castor Oil

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Out of stock


12 reviews for Haitian Black Castor Oil

  1. Chouchy

    This products is amazing, I got mine in the nicest package with nice a memo.
    I highly recommend this product for your hair
    Skin if you want to.
    Pure from Haiti.

  2. Marie Douyon (verified owner)

    Product is to die for

  3. Marie Douyon (verified owner)

    Product is amazing

  4. Luz (verified owner)

    This product changed my hair from “wash and OH NO” to “Wash, Go and GLOW”
    I highly recommend

  5. Jezula Simeon (verified owner)

    shipping was very fast and the packaging is amazing.
    my edges GRREEEEEWWWW
    don’t look anywhere else

  6. Samuela (verified owner)

    5 STARS
    I even use it on my 3 year old

  7. keylajb

    Love this product !!

  8. Juma Pierre-Louii

    This product is amazing definitely would use again

  9. Michou


  10. Marcelle (verified owner)

    Many brands claim to be organic Haitian Castor oil. This one is the truth:
    The smell
    The texture
    The color
    Definitely reminds me of the mother land

  11. Jean-Robert Vildor (verified owner)

    My wife wants no other brand.

  12. Marlie Lorient (verified owner)

    100% pure Castor oil.
    I approve

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